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Friends it has been a year since I sent my message to you on starting Accelerate India Foundation Trust (AIFT). Since one year we have made satisfactory progress on our 3 focused objectives and the cause, namely Scaling competencies & employment for our rural and urban youth, enable and mentor start-ups in social segments to succeed and help raise funds and lastly bring awareness across affluent sections of our society on our Indian Traditional Knowledge & practices to highlight their scientific foundations. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and update you on the progress made so far. I also request for your continued financial, voluntary time and goal-fulfilment support to accelerate the momentum that has been built. Key highlights of the last calendar year are as follows:

  1. By Feb 18 end we had PAN and accounts opened for the Trust. Formally started activities in March 18.
  1. Indian Traditional Knowledge awareness track – I am very happy to share that this year we had 6 batches covering ~60+ individuals for the 2 day offsite Professional Awareness Course covering Ayurveda, Siddha, Mathematical Astrology areas etc in this track. We want to thank all the people who attended this course for their support to the cause and also request for their further support on the other two initiatives of our Trust. All of them have encouraged us always and supported with their goodwill for the Trust’s other objectives as well.
  1. Urban and rural under privileged youth competency and employment scale – We are extremely happy to share that we started this track in Sep and till date we have completed 3 batches of training covering 33 youths. 4 dropped on their own due to personal situations. Out of 29, 26 are employed. I want to take this opportunity to thank Conduent Business Services HR and talent acquisition team, who have supported our cause and have given us the opportunity to fulfill their demands as per their norms of competency. I must thank the 8 AIFT mentors (namely Hari, Raghu, Dinesh, Shamala, Prasad, Girimoja, Mukesh and Shailaja) who have voluntarily trained these people in confidence building, English speaking/writing and conversation skill, computer/MS basics and typing speed and accuracy training in the 6 weeks free course that we offer for these kids and scholarships for the needy candidates. It was very satisfying to see people from really very humble background to get employed and having the sparkle and confidence to move ahead in their life. The program runs on Rs 10K per year donation from any person to support this cause. You and many people close to you, other mentors & their friends and participants of Indian Traditional PAC donated this year amounts between 5-10 K for this purpose. I want to thank all of them for their support and look forward to their continued annual support for the same in the coming year.
  1. Start ups that we mentored and supported – we have 12 start ups that we are engaged with this year for mentoring and fund raise. Following is the list of the same – Agri domain : Avanijal, K2farms; Healthcare : Renalyx, HealthBot ; Energy :  Vimano; Tech : AllStax, Almawiz, Havestruck, Bellatrix, AI Foundry Others : 3 under evaluation in   Customized gifts, music and home cooked food areas. 3 were funded and 2 are being supported to raise larger sum through PE/VC channel.
  1. Donors : I want to sincerely thank all of you and all the donors who cane through you and have donated to the Trust’s cause in such a generous manner. My heartful gratitude to all of you and your family and friends. I am sure and wish that God will return the goodwill multiple times in your life for the good deeds that you have done. I intend to highlight two people,Mr Milan Narendra and Mr C V Kamath who in their own different ways helped us raise donation more than 1.5 Lakh + each for the cause. CV Kamath as an individual, though associated with AIFT as COO, walked for 520+ km from Bangalore to Murudeshwar as a formal “Walk of Faith” event executed using Milaap online fund raiser company for one of our cause. Milan helped us raise the money by providing AIFT the opportunity to serve his company’s specific new tech competency needs and help us in process raise money for start up and AIFT cause. I look forward to continued support from all of you as the donor for our Trust’s cause. Two companies ViniyasIT and Renalyx supported 2 traditional Science PAC program donations for their employees. I thank them for the same.
  1. Financials & Compliance highlights – We have formally completed all our regulatory requirements and also filed tax assessments leveraging our legal & tax advisory firm Factum. I thank them for all the support they are giving all the time without raising any new charges since last 8 months. Our individual donations have broadly crossed Rs 3.5 Lakhs in last year, besides other industry based donations. Our corpus by March end would look like 2.5 Lakh.

As we move forward I would like to once again thank you all for your support financial, voluntary and moral in this journey of social cause. We know it is a long journey with many risks but we are sure that we will tide over those with your and other like minded people support in this journey.  May God bless you all a very happy, peaceful, joyful, healthy, prosperous and wonderful new year and life ahead… attached with are some photos of various events in the 3 tracks.