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Rural India Youth

Rural India continues to suffer in the absence of access to adequate productive assets, connectivity, intellectual and financial resources.

Urban India Youth

To be sure, the population in the 15-24 age group has increased by 45.3% in India between 1990 and 2015, according to data from UN World Population.


Promote education, research, innovation, skill development and employment through vocational, industrial & social entrepreneurship.

We @ AIFT are helping to

Promote education, research, innovation, skill development & employment

Through vocational, industrial & social entrepreneurship/self employment for urban-based educated, urban poor & rural aspirant (youth and other age groups).

Accelerated Innovation for Social & Sustainability

Enable 100 start-ups to address Rural, Urban India & global opportunities using new / traditional knowledge in 5 years Reskill/Develop new skills of rural/urban youth ~2000+ to address above & self employment p/a

Contributing Entities

Individual Angel

Share holding, mentoring in 1 start-up, based on contribution & discounted valuation.


Evaluate multiple start-ups to choose solution deployment for best value in their corporate business deployment.


Employees nominations for Professional Appreciation Program on Indian Traditional Science.

Professional appreciation course, Mattur Sanskrit Village, Shimoga

PAC for Indian tradition science awareness program

Awareness in Ayurveda

"Rooted or Centered in one’s own Self”.

Yunani / Sidha

Pseudoscientific Practice - Traditional Medicine

Medical Astrology

Traditional Indian System of Astrology

Indian Traditional Knowledge awareness track – We are very happy to share that this year we had 6 batches covering ~60+ individuals for the 2 day offsite Professional Awareness Course covering Ayurveda, Siddha, Mathematical Astrology areas etc in this track. We want to thank all the people who attended this course for their support to the cause and also request for their further support on the other two initiatives of our Trust. All of them have encouraged us always and supported with their goodwill for the Trust’s other objectives as well.

Trustees & Mentors

We know it is a long journey with many risks but we are sure that we will tide over those with your and other like minded people support in this journey.

Testimonial author

Dr. Anurag Srivastava

Trustee, AIFT
My areas of work experience are Innovation acceleration for large organization, Integrating science and technology research to accelerate business scale for short and long term organization needs.
Testimonial author

Dr. Shyam Vasudeva Rao

Trustee, AIFT
Dr. Shyam holds a doctorate in Real Time Embedded Systems, specialising in Parallel Computer Architecture from Indian Institute of Science (Gold Medal) & has been with CG Smith, Ericsson, Tata Consultancy Services .
Testimonial author

C. V. Kamath

Secretary, AIFT
CVK, as he is fondly called often has over 33 years of experience in IT industry with varied experience in manufacturing, procurement,consulting and technology enablement.
Testimonial author

Dinesh H S

Mentor, AIFT
Dinesh is an IT professional with rich management experience in varied roles in Manufacturing,Engineering,Technical Support, Organisational Development,Learning and HR.
Testimonial author

Mukesh Sharma

Mentor, AIFT
Mukesh is an Engineer turned Executive Coach with 3 decades of experience. After working in the corporate world for 26 years, he started his own firm to help Corporates get the best out of their Executives through Coaching.
Testimonial author

Lakshmi Prasad

Mentor, AIFT
Mr. Lakshmi Prasad has 33 years of professional experience in space technology, software development & quality areas.
Testimonial author

Shailaja Prakriya

Mentor, AIFT
Mrs. Shailaja Prakriya has decades of experience working as Sr. Solution Architect at Hewlett-Packard. And now mentoring rural and urban youths in making them improving in spoken english and personality development.
Testimonial author

Raghu Prasad

Mentor, AIFT
Raghu comes with over three decades of experience in IT and Telecommunication sectors. Having worked for companies like BPL Telecon, Reliance Infocomm , and Dimension Data, he has held key roles in the areas of sales , customer support and project management.


The inspiration to set this Trust is driven by below goals as a synergistic model of traditional & modern knowledge fusion to Accelerate-India for increasing employment & skill development for our urban educated, urban poor and rural youth as well as other population which would also result in effective solutions to address social challenges.

Given our rich heritage and history as a country, with changing times, we have evolved as a society very distinctively.

  • In the current age two major shifts are happening in the world with growing economic disparity and reduction in natural resources.
  • Firstly, we are increasingly driving modern scientific innovations to address those challenges.
  • Secondly, given slow global economic growth – employment, health care, food security, new skill development, stress free living etc. have become bigger social challenges inspite of these innovations.

Many of these challenges can be converted into opportunities for increasing employment through

  • Technology/research driven Entrepreneurship
  • Vocational self-employment/entrepreneurship
  • Social-business enterprise creation
  • World-class but cost effective solutions for global challenges & opportunities
  • Indian industry’s global competitiveness with new skill development
  • Preserving & Leveraging our wealth of Indian traditional Science for above purposes wherever possible


Walking The Spirit

This walk by CV Kamath is aimed to targeting for flood affected relief and rehabilitation purposes.

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