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Our Key Focus Areas


AIFT Endowment Programs

Aligned to our focused activities, can be supported by you

  • Support a student/youth for education & employment
  • Livelihood Support (self-employment) for a woman, artisan, youth (rural/urban)
  • Disaster support for a family in disaster impacted area
  • Support environment – water body, set of trees, waste2value product
  • Immunity improvement for under-privileged /special ability/urban poor or rural women & child
  • Support a marginal farmer for crop sowing (seeds, soil preparation, nutrients, etc

Contributing Entities

Individual Donor

Active involevement in running campaigns for social causes.

CSR Donations

Involving Corporates for conducting large drive in areas of skill development, Agri innovations and other priorities.

Organizational Donations

Employment generation, empowering youths with right skills as per the need of organizations

Indian Traditinoal Science Preservation, Mattur Sanskrit Village, Shimoga

Awareness in Ayurveda

Yunani / Sidha

Medical Astrology

Indian Traditional Science Preservation - An offsite Professional Awareness Course covering Ayurveda, Yunani / Siddha & Medical Astrology to build a comprehensive traditional knowledge.

Trustees & Mentors

We know it is a long journey with many risks but we are sure that we will tide over those with your and other like minded people support in this journey.

Testimonial author

Dr. Anurag Srivastava

Trustee, AIFT
My areas of work experience are Innovation acceleration for large organization, Integrating science and technology research to accelerate business scale for short and long term organization needs.
Testimonial author

Dr. Shyam Vasudeva Rao

Trustee, AIFT
Dr. Shyam holds a doctorate in Real Time Embedded Systems, specialising in Parallel Computer Architecture from Indian Institute of Science (Gold Medal) & has been with CG Smith, Ericsson, Tata Consultancy Services .
Testimonial author

C. V. Kamath

Secretary, AIFT
CVK, as he is fondly called often has over 33 years of experience in IT industry with varied experience in manufacturing, procurement,consulting and technology enablement.

AIFT Mentors & Staff

Shailaja Prakriya


Lakshmi Prasad


Raghu Prasad


K. S. Venkatesh murthy


Divya Bharthi

Business Operations

Chethan. N

Social Action Team


Technical Team

Beside the above team, we are extensively supported by H.S. Dinesh, Shamala & Mukesh Sharma as mentors in our trust till date.

Jyotish Acharya K. S. Venkatesh murthy supports us in our Traditional Knowledge Preservation Activities from Mattur Sanskrit Village, Shivamogga.