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Our Mission & Objectives

Strengthen education, research, innovation, skill development for urban & rural un-privileged & urban-based un-employed young aspirants to increase employment through industrial, corporate & entrepreneurship careers

Focus on Social & Sustainable Development Incubation in

  • Healthcare including modern & alternative traditional knowledge
  • Unconventional/greener/cleaner Energy for generation & storage
  • Sustainable Agriculture, nutrition & affordable food innovations
  • Clean Water, water preservation & water management
  • Waste management, hygiene & sanitation models
  • Vocational Incubation/competency scale for various areas including traditional Indian knowledge covering Indian life-style systems
  • Advanced technology areas for next generation industry shifts

Ensuring employment increase by 2% among youth by 2035. Enabling 100+ Young Entrepreneurship driven Start Ups to Scale incubation in next 5 years.

And Integrating the eco-system of

Angel Individual community

Venture Capital group

Academic Institutions

Large-mid size Corporates

Government funding agencies

Government funding agencies